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Ciara: Everybody’s experimenting nowadays

Ciara tries to avoid listening to the radio so she doesn’t replicate another musician’s sound.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Ciara is really impressed with current music, as she believes most artists “are really experimenting” with their creations.

The 29-year-old singer is mostly known for R&B hits such as Goodies and 1, 2 Step.

But she transformed her sound dramatically with new song Paint It Black, which appears on The Last Witch Hunter soundtrack.

Ciara’s rendition of Paint It Black, a tune originally penned and recorded by rock band The Rolling Stones, has quite a psychedelic flair.

And she is happy to be exploring new realms of music like this.

“As an artist, I think it's important to always keep growing, and I definitely want to keep challenging myself,” she told Rolling Stone magazine. “But also, I think that music is also in a very cool time where everyone's being very expressive, and it kind of also has a retro thing happening where hints of the old school are starting to come back into today's music.

“This is one of those cool moments where it reminds you of how great music was, how people are really experimenting right now and how it's cool to be able to do that today. And so our new generation of fans and people, the people that really paved the way for all of us artists, like the Rolling Stones…”

But even though Ciara has credited her musical peers with generating all types of unique expressions with their songs, the star admits she tries her best to avoid listening to the radio.

Ciara believes there is a tendency to regurgitate in a way that makes different songs begin to sound too similar.

“You don't want to do what you're hearing,” she explained. “You don't hear it so much you accidentally do what you're hearing. For me, I like old-school rap music. There was a time when music was so, so rich overall, and the content of what people talked about was so deep on every level, song-for-song, pound-for-pound, and on radio, there was so much content. I gravitate more towards that type of music, to be honest.”

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