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Cissy Houston: Bobbi Kristina is strong-willed

Cissy Houston has responded to Bobbi Kristina Brown slamming her book about Whitney Houston, saying her granddaughter has a “mind of her own”.

Cissy is currently promoting her tell-all book about her late superstar daughter Whitney Houston called Remembering Whitney. Since excerpts from the tome were released, Bobbi Kristina has said she wants “nothing to do with it” and has branded it “disrespectful”.

Cissy was interviewed for UK TV show Daybreak on Wednesday morning, and quizzed on her feelings about Bobbi Kristina’s heated reaction.

“Yeah, she is grieving…” Cissy replied when asked how Bobbi Kristina is coping following her mother’s death last year and why she is unhappy with the book. “She is a person, and she has a mind of her own and she is grieving.”

Bobbi Kristina took to her Twitter account late last month to slam her grandmother’s tome.

"ANYTHING concerning my grandmothers Book. I & Nick Gordon OF COURSE personally have NOTHING 2 do with. I ask you [please] RESPECT that. Haven't read & won't," she tweeted. "I find it [to be] Disrespect 2 MY MOTHER & me being HER DAUGHTER won't tolerate it (sic).”

Cissy has previously acknowledged that Bobbi Kristina didn’t want her to write the book, which touches upon Whitney’s drug use and relationship with her former husband Bobby Brown.

In the interview with Daybreak today, Cissy once again voiced her disapproval of Bobby. She insists Whitney’s life would have been different if she hadn’t married him.

“I really do,” she replied, when asked if she thought Whitney would have followed another path without Bobby. “She just happened to fall in love with someone, I guess, who really wasn’t for her. They were coming from two different worlds.”

Cissy also revealed she no longer feels “angry” with the world for Whitney’s death and wants her to be remembered for her tremendous talents.

“She was one of the greatest singers that lived, she was a wonderful person, she gave to charities. I just would like her to be remembered for the songs,” she explained. “She was everything to me, she was a wonderful, giving person.”

Cissy went on to explain that Whitney never craved fame, but always had the desire to sing.

“She had to become… she wanted a life of a normal person, that is what she wanted, really, but that didn’t happen and she became a star,” she recalled. “Yes, that is what she really wanted, but she used to say, ‘All I wanted to do was sing,’ but God blessed her and she was happy about that, but only sometimes I guess."

Whitney tragically died last February aged 48, following an accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub.

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