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Cissy Houston: I'm proud of Whitney

Cissy Houston still "has her moments" of deep sorrow as she mourns her daughter Whitney Houston.

Whitney passed away in a bathtub at her Beverly Hills hotel room on February 11 at the age of 48.

The iconic I Will Always Love you singer officially died by drowning, but authorities revealed that a sustained use of cocaine contributed to her death.

Whitney's mother Cissy admits that the grieving process is challenging.

"I have my moments," she told MY9 News. "I'm not there yet. I don't think I'm any more courageous than anyone else. I am a true believer in God, if I could bring her back I would, but that's not possible."

Blood tests confirmed that Whitney used cocaine minutes before her death.

Cissy is sad that her daughter began using again, but she won't hold herself at fault for her daughter's decision.

"I know I did the best I could," she explained. "I don't blame myself. I know I did the best I could for everything."

Cissy remembers her daughter's achievements, not her adversity.

"I'm very proud of my daughter," Cissy said. "She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here she was a very wonderful person."

Cissy's full interview will air on 10 O'Clock News on MY9, a New Jersey based news channel, Monday April 2.

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