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Claire Danes: I'm like a spy

Claire Danes says being an actor is like spying.

The actress portrays CIA agent Carrie Mathison in US TV show Homeland. She researched a great deal for the role, including spending time with real government workers. Claire was surprised how much she had in common with them.

"I was just struck by the fact that these spies do really spy-y things… I mean, in some ways - this seems a little presumptuous and it's not entirely accurate - but actors and CIA agents are [both] migratory and assume different roles," she mused to The Observer.

"It's very hard to maintain relationships when you are having to conceal so much. They often marry each other - kind of like actors. I mean, who else is gonna get it?"

Claire is expecting her first baby with her husband Hugh Dancy and it's got her reminiscing about her life. She is pleased she doesn't take things so seriously any more.

"For a long time I was playing at being a grown-up and it was a slightly confused idea of what that meant," she said. "Now I kind of realise that the grown- ups never really knew what they were doing, and that's OK."

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