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Claire Danes: My son speaks German

Homeland star Claire Danes' two-year-old son has a confused accent because his mother and father are from different countries.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actress Claire Danes' two-year-old son has started to refuse to do things in German.

The Homeland star has spent a lot of time in Berlin while she's been shooting the latest series of the US TV show. Her husband Hugh Dancy is from the UK, so their tot is already a little confused when it comes to his accent. Time in another country hasn't helped matters at all.

"I think we've all picked up each other's accents," Claire explained to Britain's Hello! magazine. "I'm sure I sound more British than I used to and Hugh sounds more American so far as Cyrus is concerned, he's all over the place. To make it worse, we've been living in Berlin for Homeland and he's actually started to say, 'Nein, nein,' so I'm quite aware that not only is my son rejecting me, he's doing it in German. It'll work itself out."

The family may seem like they are living the jet-setting dream, but it has its downsides. In 2014 they were apart a lot, with Claire in South Africa and Hugh working in Australia. It was a tough period and not one the 36-year-old actress wants to recreate, with the star admitting it showed her that she has to actually live with her family to be happy.

And when it comes to parenting, Claire and her 40-year-old spouse have things locked down.

"(We're) very similar, which might sound surprising since we come from different countries but our core values are the same," she said. "We both like art and literature and we want Cyrus to be respectful to others so he has to say his pleases and his thank yous and we're taking it from there. Cyrus is changing so much that it seems like there's constantly a whole set of different challenges. But I think that as parents, Hugh and I are good collaborators."

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