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Claire Danes recalls teenage struggles

Claire Danes has revealed she was a "messed up" teenager.

The Homeland star saw her career take off after landing the role of Angela Chase in TV drama My So-Called Life.

The critically acclaimed show was praised for its portrayal of adolescence and 33-year-old Claire says she was going through her own teenage struggles at the time.

"I was a pretty messed up and misanthropic teenager and it was good for me to find some good friends and whom I could talk to and get rid of some of my angst," she confessed to the latest edition of British magazine OK!

"I was way too serious and overly concerned with trying to project this adult self. Later in my twenties I kind of figured out that adults don't really have that much more insight or certainty about their lives either!"

The actress currently portrays bipolar Carrie Mathison in the award-winning Homeland.

Despite the turmoil of her teenage years, Claire now feels happier than ever.

"I feel saner and more secure in who I am today than I've ever been in my life. I guess acting is a great form of catharsis!" she explained.

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