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Clarkson’s mum ‘happy for her’

Kelly Clarkson’s mom didn’t go to wedding but is “happy.”

The 31-year-old pop star married Brandon Blackstock over the weekend and Celebuzz reports the service was only attended by Brandon’s two children from a previous relationship.

Kelly’s parents don’t feel bad about not attending the wedding.

“We’re happy for her and she’s so happy. She was so afraid we might be upset. But we were fine with it...I had known that she was under a lot of stress,” Kelly’s mother Jeanne Taylor explained to the website.

“And we just wanted her to be happy and not stressed out...I think the biggest thing for us to do was to allow her to do what she wanted to do.”

Kelly is currently promoting her new Christmas album Wrapped in Red and her schedule is packed with interviews and guest appearances.

Jeanne has compassion for her busy daughter and knows tying the knot right now was emotionally intense for Kelly.

“She said they were just so overwhelmed with the tour and they just decided to elope. But she didn’t want to hurt our feelings. She has had a lot on her plate and I’ve seen her schedule,” explained Jeanne.

“She made a [wedding] video and we’ll get to see all of it. She said she cried through the whole thing. She’s really emotional like that. She’s now glad she didn’t do it in front of a lot of people because then she’d be embarrassed.”

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