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Classmates crushed on Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was so cute at school "everybody had a little crush on her", says her classmate.

The 43-year-old Hollywood star studied at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City and Tom Friedner can vividly remember the effect she had on the other pupils.

Although it is many years since they have seen each other, Tom recalls being in awe of the pretty star.

"We all liked Jennifer - I mean she was really cute - she was very popular, and everybody kind of had a little crush on her," he told New York Daily News.

"She was very much like she was on Friends. That was really her, it was perfect casting. She was truly funny, but it wasn't because she was trying to be funny. She just had this natural way of saying things that were kind of off the cuff."

While at the school Jennifer dated her classmate Adonis Tsilimparis, who has vivid memories of their time together - even though they were just 12.

Adonis' feelings were clearly replicated by Jennifer as she sent him a Valentine's Day card, which he still has. Inside she wrote "Love & Friendship Always" and signed the note Jennifer A. Adonis' friends constantly tease him about the card and joke he should sell it, but he can't imagine ever being parted from it.

He has fun memories of their time together and insists she was a good kisser even then.

"That's basically her - a funny, silly girl, a little ditzy, but not stupid. Just funny and silly, and I was the same, and that's why we hit it off so well," he explained.

"She was just goofballs… But that's why I loved her. Total clown, very lovable and that's why everybody liked her.

"We used to go to the back stairs at school at lunchtime and make out."

The course of young love didn't run smooth for the pair though, with Adonis eventually deciding to end things and asking a pal to break the news for him.

Jennifer is engaged to Justin Theroux, who popped the question earlier this year. It's thought they are planning an intimate ceremony which may take place in Hawaii.

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