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Clemence Poesy: ‘My parents lied about broken TV’

Actress Clemence Poesy has slammed the current obsession for taking selfies.

Actress Clemence Poesy believed her family TV set was broken as a child – until she caught her dad watching tennis.

The French star’s parents did their best to prevent Clemence from watching too much television when she was growing up. But she later discovered they had been lying about the box not working, thanks to her sports-mad father.

“My parents took me and my sister to watch lots of films, and to the theatre,” she told Britain’s InStyle magazine. “At some point they caved in and got something that could play tapes and films, and pretended that the TV part didn’t work. We bought it until we caught my dad watching tennis.”

Rather than spend hours sat watching TV shows, Clemence and her sister Maelle were encouraged to use their imagination and dress up. The experiences she had when she was younger helped her forge a successful acting career, even though she kept her early performances to herself.

“We’d start big stories, it was just between us – they weren’t for anyone else to see,” Clemence said. “They’d last for hours, sometimes days, and we’d invent them as movies. We never filmed them, but we even did credits at the beginning.”

Clemence continues to maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to her life. Although she has Instagram and Twitter accounts, the actress would never dream of sharing too much with the public and has no interest in posing for solo photos.

“Selfies will kill us,” she said. “I really didn’t want to join (Instagram), but there was a fake account that people started believing was mine. I only post covers of books, posters for films and sometimes music. I try not to use it as a tool for endless self-promotion. I think it’s going to change our brains, but not for the better.”

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