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Céline Dion: I'm improving

Céline Dion has improved with age, and enjoys her music more.

The Canadian superstar has recently released her latest album Loved Me Back to Life, her first in six years.

While it didn't stay at the top end of the charts for very long, Céline is happy with the result.

"I'm proud about what I have done with this record, whether it has a long journey or not only the fans could tell us and at the end of the day it's just music and I can tell you, I've got better.

"Of course, the record company wants to be the number one. They want to sell records. They want to make money. And don't get me wrong, I want to," she told the BBC.

It's not only the star's voice that has improved with age, but also her luxurious lifestyle.

Céline is married to her manager René Angélil, and together they have three sons. Although the family enjoys the finer things in life, Céline also likes to keep things simple when she can.

"We travel most of the time, we have a very luxurious life. We are very privileged, we're spoilt! But you need to have balance in life. And when we have the opportunity to stay home for the holidays it's pyjamas and home food. The simplicity of life is to be emotionally balanced," she explained.

Setting her sights on the future, the 45-year-old singer expressed an interest in movies.

But she was hesitant on her opinion regarding any possible theatre work, preferring to sing live sets rather than musicals.

"I'm not crazy about musicals to be honest with you, I don't know why. I prefer to rock on stage, I would like to do movies but theatre? I'm not quite sure," she said.

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