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Céline wants Eminem track

Céline Dion gained some street cred when she told her son that Sia Furler wrote one of the tracks on her new album.

The 45-year-old singer is known for romantic songs such as the Titanic theme tune My Heart Will Go On, while rapper Eminem has made his name with a slightly different type of music.

However, their differing styles wouldn't prove a problem for Céline.

“I’d love to!” she enthused when asked by Access Hollywood if she would do a song with Eminem.

Céline has 12-year-old son René-Charles, nicknamed RC, with her husband René and twins Eddy and Nelson, who turn three next month.

Her almost-teenage son doesn't have much time for his mother's music.

“I’m not his favourite singer, for sure,” she laughed.

“I’m his favourite mom, though. That’s the main thing.”

Celine released new album Loved Me Back to Life earlier this month, which spawned the single of the same name.

She managed to restore some street cred at home thanks to the track being written by 37-year-old Sia Furler.

“When I told [RC] that I was getting ready to do another album and that there’s a new song called Loved Me Back to Life and that it was Sia who actually wrote it for me, he said, ‘No way,’” she recalled.

“He couldn’t believe it because I’m not cool, and I’m not Rihanna!

“So he’s like, ‘What?! Sia wrote you a song? That must be a mistake. Like, this is not normal. She must not be feeling her best.' Because she’s so cool, for her to write a song for me? It’s like, thank you, Sia. Maybe this will help us!”

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