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Clint Eastwood: I'm fearless

Clint Eastwood has a healthy outlook when it comes to ageing and isn't afraid of dying.

The 85-year-old star is still going strong in show business, although he hasn't starred in a film since 2012's Trouble with the Curve.

While some might start to worry about what lies ahead, Clint is adamant that death doesn't worry him.

"I'm not scared of anyone or anything," he shrugged to

"If anything, I worry about others, primarily my family. I worry something might happen to them. But I also realise that you're powerless when it comes to fate, so there's really no use in thinking about it too much."

Clint's son Scott, 29, is slowly but surely paving his way in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Fury and romantic drama The Longest Ride. He might have someone carrying on the family name, but the acting veteran has no intention of taking a step back.

"I'm having far too much fun. There are people in Hollywood, who would love to see me retire. But that's not an option for me, I need that challenge," he assured the website.

"I will keep going until the big boss up there decides it's time to shout 'cut'. But I hope that's still a while off. I have my mother's genes, she lived to see 97."

Clint was also happy to share his tips for living a long and healthy life. He recommends having lie-ins and always nurturing the drive to succeed.

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