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Clint Eastwood scares the bejeebers out of daughters' prospective boyfriends

Clint Eastwood has "scared" off prospective boyfriends for his daughters because of his hard man onscreen persona.

The Hollywood actor has daughters Francesca, 19, and 15-year-old Morgan. The teenagers say their 81-year-old father unwittingly panics their male pals.

"My guy friends have seen his movies and they're all scared!" Morgan told In Touch magazine.

Francesca is currently in a relationship with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. The star is glad her dad approves of her beau.

"My dad's not like, 'Oh, I'm gonna get my gun!' It's actually my mom who's more protective," she said of Clint's wife Dina.

"My dad's intimidating at first, but now he's really nice to my boyfriend. They're both guys' guys, who talk about stuff like helicopters, planes and weapons."

Francesca recently sparked public outrage after burning a pricey Hermes bag on a photoshoot with controversial photographer Tyler. She used a chainsaw to destroy one of the label's luxury Birkin models before setting fire to the expensive design.

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