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Clive Owen: Hole didn’t hold me back

Clive Owen has no problem with being born with a hole in his neck.

The 49-year-old actor broke his nose when he was younger during an ill-fated game with a tree and also split his head open while racing around a swimming pool. Those incidents pale into insignificance when compared to a wound he was born with though.

"Yeah, born with a hole in my neck. They waited a little while, until I was about two, and then stitched it up. They had to, because it was going to stretch. They couldn't properly sew it up until..." he told

"No, it didn't stop me from doing anything. It was just a hole in my neck!"

Clive's other injuries occurred when he was around ten years old and even though his nose break was a bad one, he's pleased nothing more serious has happened to him.

As the years roll on, the actor finds himself thinking about his life more closely. He will turn 50 early in October, but doesn't feel anywhere near that age. That's been the case for the last 15 or so years and Clive believes that the vast enjoyment he gets from his career has helped.

However, he does think about what is to come - including what will happen when he dies.

"I think we're struggling to make sense of something that never really does make sense, is my theory," he said, adding he believes nothing occurs when people pass on. "Anything post this life is a desperate attempt to make sense of something that doesn't really make sense... I think when it ends, it ends."

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