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Clive Owen: I'm hopeless at social media

Clive Owen's children know a lot more about technology that he does.

The actor is married to Sarah-Jane Fenton and they have daughters Hannah and Eve together. Both the girls are up to date with social media and surfing the web, something Clive often feels a little anxious about.

"Well, it's true that my girls live in a very different world to the one I grew up in," he told British magazine Hello! "There are obviously benefits to social media, but it does put pressure on children. My girls have a computer with them at all times now and that does present a worry, especially when it's an area that the kids understand better than the adults do. But as parents, you just do the best you can and hope that it will all turn out well in the end."

Making things even trickier is the fact that Clive hasn't kept up with technology at all. While he knows what sites like Facebook and Twitter are, they don't hold much interest for him.

"Hopeless, I'm afraid," he giggled. "My girls laugh at me when I start asking them questions about it. I haven't got an awful lot of time to spare and I don't like the idea of spending what time I do have relating to my phone or computer, so I tend to avoid it."

Instead, Clive likes to be with his family whenever he isn't working. He gets intense joy from hanging out with his daughters and is pleased they haven't succumbed to the wild behaviour or entitled attitude that some kids of stars do.

"I love being a dad and doing the school runs and such," he said. "I take pleasure in seeing how nice my children are, that they're not spoilt, that they're polite and pleasant and happy. I feel very fortunate to have such a lovely home and family."

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