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Clive Owen: Marriage should be equal

Clive Owen couldn't bear a marriage which was not equal.

The actor believes the key to a successful union is for neither partner to rely on the other too heavily. While very much a devout husband, Clive is also an independent man who values the time he spends away from his wife as much as the hours he is with her.

"I couldn't bear a marriage in which one partner hinges on the other. My wife needs her freedom just like me." Clive revealed. "The wonderful thing about my wife Sarah Jane is that she's an actress herself and she knows what that means: constant travels and goodbyes."

The 47-year-old family man married actress Sarah-Jane Fenton after meeting her on the stage while playing Romeo to her Juliet. The couple live in London with their two daughters, Hannah, 15, and Eve, 11. Clive appreciates the time spent with his girls even more as a result of allowing time away from them as an individual.

"I love driving my daughters around or hanging around the house with them," Clive revealed in an interview with Tele5. "I'm very happy to have both: creative work and peace with the family."

Clive co-starred with Nicole Kidman in the American HBO TV-movie, Hemingway & Gellhorn. In the Philip Kaufman-directed movie Clive and Nicole had some steamy scenes together, and the hunk has explained how he managed to put on a believable performance with someone who isn't his wife.

"Sex scenes are a lot easier if you have to tell a story with it. That was the case in this movie, it wasn't just: 'Stop, we're going to have a sex scene now!' - it was a strong demonstration of love in wartimes," Clive explained.

"And it helped me that Nicole and I got along and felt very comfortable with each other."

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