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Clive Owen: Men actors have it easy

Clive Owen always loved the idea that one script could change his life and didn't mind being out of work when he was starting out.

The handsome British star is currently starring in period drama The Knick, about a troubled but brilliant doctor who is trail blazing new surgery methods at the turn of the 20th century.

The show has allowed Clive to explore the world of TV, and playing Dr Thackery gave him some respite from his normal Hollywood roles. However, the star has no shortage of offers when it comes to work.

“The beauty of being an actor is that as you get older it’s ever changing. There are always parts to play. That journey is easier for men," Clive smiled to Prestige Hong Kong.

"Some people start in the acting game and they hate the in and out of work, and that other people determine if they’re going to work, but I was always a really great fan of the idea that tomorrow a script could arrive that could set me alight, the possibility of change, the potential that something great could be out there.”

As well as his successful acting career, which has seen him nominated for an Oscar for Closer and take home a Golden Globe for the same role, Clive has also enjoyed one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood.

He wed Sarah-Jane Fenton in March 1995 and as the couple approach their 20th anniversary, the 50-year-old reveals being apart can sometimes be hard to deal with.

“We’ve known each other such a long time. It might have been different if one partner was very successful when you meet, but because we go back way back when, not really. The hardest part is travelling, of course," he explained.

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