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Clooney 'struggles to keep up with Amal'

George Clooney is reportedly kept on his toes by wife Amal's busy legal career.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - George Clooney apparently has to run to keep up with Amal.

The Hollywood heavyweight surprised the world when he married Amal last September, ending his days as an A-list bachelor.

It also surprised some that he chose not to go for a fellow celebrity, but rather a talented and respected human rights lawyer.

"In the early days, people totally misunderstood the dynamic of the relationship. They saw it in the traditional terms of beautiful, younger woman falls for successful alpha male. Anyone who was there at the time will tell you it was George who did all the chasing. He had to do his homework just to get Amal out for dinner, and ever since then he's been running to keep up," a friend told British magazine Grazia.

"She's always been totally unfazed by celebrity and that's one of the great strengths of their marriage."

George, 54, recently quipped his 37-year-old wife is the smart one, while he is mere arm candy.

Now, a year on from their nuptials, it seems the pair have found exactly how to accommodate both careers.

"When he proposed, the deal was struck in very clear terms. This is a marriage of equals, and Amal takes her work far too seriously to make compromises, so the only way it can work is if George fits his schedule around her. It may sound harsh but that's the reality," the insider revealed.

"If your name is top of the bill, you can sort out filming schedules to suit you. Amal can hardly order an international court to adjourn to gad about in Hollywood. George understands it - it keeps him on his toes, and I've never seen a more blissfully happy couple. "

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