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Clooney walks through graveyards with wife

George Clooney has spoken about what life is like with his wife of seven months, international law attorney Amal.

The 53-year-old Academy Award-winning actor-and-director married the 37-year-old international law attorney in October of last year.

Although Amal was born in Lebanon she grew up in London, so she and George have decided to establish their family home near the British capital.

“We’re 40 miles from London,” he told USA Today. “It’s very different. And the town has been so welcoming to us. There’s a pub that we walk to — we walk through a graveyard to go to this pub. It’s fantastic. We’re on an island and the only other thing on this island with us is a dinner theatre. So I have work later in life — doing a one man show of 12 Angry Men.”

George and Amal are currently renovating a home in the village.

The Gravity star reveals they’ll be moving into their new residence within months.

“We’re redoing a house that we bought [outside London], it was built in the late 1600s in a little town,” he explained. “It will be done by the end of the summer and we’ll be in it. And we’ll sort of go back and forth between LA.”

George thinks tabloid stories about his marriage with Amal are very amusing.

The entertainer finds some of the headlines outright hilarious because they’re so far from reality.

“We’re finished, apparently,” he deadpanned. “I just saw that on a magazine. We’re battling for divorce. We had a good run! [But really] it’s fun. We’re having a really good time.”

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