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Clooney won’t date Bullock

George Clooney says Sandra Bullock is too good a pal to become his girlfriend

The Hollywood A-listers, who are currently co-starring in space blockbuster Gravity, have been friends for over 20 years.

But following reports suggesting that there might be more to their friendship than meets the eye, George decided to set the record straight.

“Look at what good friends we’ve stayed. Isn’t it much nicer?” he asked Access Hollywood.

And it seems Sandra’s adopted son Louis could be the real reason why the 52-year-old actor stayed so close to the Blind Side actress.

George appears to have spotted some natural sporting ability in three-year-old Louis when the pair spent time together, although he’s quick to point out his weak spots.

“Louis and I hung out a little bit. It was a bunch of guys at the house and she was staying there and Louis likes to play a little ball, a little basketball. He’s got a couple of [moves], he can’t go to his left yet. But you know he’s young,” the Oscar winner joked.

Gravity is the first time George and Sandra have teamed up on the big screen, telling the story of a medical engineer and an astronaut who have to work together to survive after becoming lost in space.

Sandra, 49, enjoyed the experience of working with her close friend, but said it often felt like George was her child too.

“Children run to George, George runs from the children. That’s what George does. He’s is like my second child.

“George and Louis, I’m pretty much raising the two of them. I’m trying to get George out of the house and off to college. Um, Louis’s a little bit behind,” she laughed.

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