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Clooney: You'll never get me on FB

George Clooney will never jump on the social media bandwagon.

Bucking the social media trend, the 54-year-old Hollywood heartthrob has avoided starting a Twitter page or perusing the filter options on Instagram.

And fans are unlikely to witness any status updates in the near future either.

"I'd rather have surgery in public than get a Facebook page!" he emphatically told German magazine Myway.

But his aversion to social media isn't because he doesn't like to share; the star is only too happy to gush about his lawyer wife Amal, who he wed in September last year.

"I knew very quickly that she was The One for me," he smiled. "She is so intelligent and funny - I just love her whole being. And whenever I see her in court in all her robes, I'm very proud."

Many had assumed George would never settle down and he was often referred to as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor. It wasn't due to a lack of female fans, but George just had no interest in dating a groupie.

"It's hard to explain, but how could I have been with someone who has a picture of me on their wall and asks for my autograph?" he sighed. "That was out of the question for me."

Add to that the surprising fact that George is a reluctant flirt, and maybe it's not such a surprise it took him a while to find Mrs Right.

"I've never been the type of man that chats up a woman in a bar or asks her to dance," he cringed. "I was far too scared of rejection..."

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