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Clooney’s Oscars absence ‘much-needed’

George Clooney’s noticeable absence from the Academy Awards on Sunday was reportedly due to an “overdue vacation” he’s currently on.

The 52-year-old actor wasn’t in attendance at the 86th Annual Academy Awards Sunday night, and many critics were left wondering why he decided not to turn up.

And although some speculated he spent time in London with his new rumoured girlfriend, British attorney Amal Alamuddin, the star’s representative has confirmed his client’s true whereabouts.

“George is not in London. He is on a well-deserved, long overdue vacation,” the actor’s spokesperson told Page Six.

George’s most recent movie The Monuments Men, a film about a team of specialists assigned to uncover European artwork stolen by the Nazis in World War II, received mixed reviews.

It was believed George felt snubbed by not being up for an Academy Award this year, but apparently this assumption is also false.

“While some reviews were not great, there were many from top critics that were,” a source noted.

Although many would be embarrassed to have starred in flops, George previously revealed he sees no reason to be anything other than thankful for his career.

"You know, early on in your career you just take jobs because you're excited to get them and a lot of those at the time aren't necessarily the best of jobs. But every one of them led to another place for me," he explained to Cover Media recently.

"And for a while we'd do films and we'd say one for the studio and one for us, and as I've got older it's less of that. We sort of try to work as much away from the comic book and big blockbuster films... as long as you keep the budgets down, way down, you're able to work around the periphery of the big budget films."

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