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Cocaine recovered in Whitney Houston hotel room

Authorities discovered "white, powdery remnants" in Whitney Houston's hotel room on the day of her death.

The music icon passed away at the age of 48 in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel room on February 11.

Following toxicology results, officials revealed that Whitney died of drowning, but a sustained use of cocaine also contributed to her death. Blood tests indicated that she used the narcotic "immediately prior to her collapse."

Although there were reports that her hotel room was cleaned before law enforcement arrived, TMZ reports that cocaine was in fact found.

Official documents show that police unearthed "white, powdery remnants" in the room. Sources have informed the website that the powder was subsequently tested and proven to be cocaine.

TMZ claims that the police department will not investigate rumours that someone sanitised the room before their arrival, as they're convinced the substance wasn't disposed of.

Previously, sources involved in the investigation claimed that police found no illicit substances. Several pills were found on the premises though, including prescription drug Xanax, premenstrual relief medicine Midol and pain reliever Ibuprofen.

Authorities are currently in the final stages of their investigation.

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