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Colin Farrell: Movie industry is too forgiving

Colin Farrell believes the world of entertainment puts up with some inexcusable behaviour.

Colin Farrell thinks wealthy film stars can get away with anything, even mistreating others.

The Irish actor has faced some troubles during his time in the spotlight, entering rehab in 2005 for addiction to recreational drugs and painkillers. He was also stalked and almost had a sex tape released. But success came in the form of movies such as Phone Booth, In Bruges and Horrible Bosses. Looking at fame as a whole, Colin believes certain people can get away with more because of their reputation in the business.

"The movie industry is forgiving," he told Britain's Big Issue magazine. "Actors are treated sometimes like golden cows. There’s a certain level of idolatry. As long as your films are making money you can pretty much do what you f**king want – any kind of behaviour will be excused, even if you’re killing yourself or mistreating others. That’s very much the way it is elsewhere but it’s taken to a different and more elaborate degree in the world of entertainment, whether it’s music or film."

While Colin has no interest in taking advantage of his star status, he does feel grateful to be in the position he is. He makes sure to give back to those less fortunate and is currently planning a film project inspired by the Homeless World Cup after attending a recent tournament. Colin had a "blast" watching the matches and his eyes were opened when hearing about the difficulties those involved face.

"I met a lot of the players, particularly the Irish lads and the Scottish guys and gals," he explained. "They were telling me what they’d been through. They were very generous; I hope I wasn’t imposing on them. I noticed so much of my story in their stories, the struggles and the difficulties. It all boils down to human beings, our sensitivities and our inability to deal with them at times."

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