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Colin Farrell never seen Poppins

Colin Farrell only has memories of Mary Poppins playing in the background.

The actor stars as Travers Goff in Saving Mr. Banks, which tells the story of the creator of the kids' tale, P.L. Travers, and her meeting with Walt Disney, who was keen to turn the tale into a film.

Disney's version hit screens in 1964 and became an instant classic, but Colin wasn't even familiar with the flick prior to starring in Saving Mr. Banks.

"I don't know if I've ever seen Mary Poppins in full," he mused to

"Of course the film was always on TV at Christmas and was at least running in the background."

Saving Mr. Banks also stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, as Walt and P.L. respectively, while Ruth Wilson portrays Colin's onscreen wife Margaret Goff.

The 37-year-old thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with the pretty Luther star.

"Ruth is amazing!" he gushed.

"She's a great person, full of energy and power. Working with her was really fun. In every take, Ruth is different. She's always on the lookout and likes to try new things, which I love to witness. I really loved playing her onscreen husband - even though I'm a complete b*****d, through no fault of my own."

The Irish film star is also promoting drama Winter's Tale, which features Russell Crowe and Matt Bomer.

While Colin is enjoying a successful career now, he previously struggled with substance abuse and checked into rehab in 2005.

He recently spoke out about how glad he is to leave those dark times behind him.

"I don't take it for granted and I don't undermine how difficult my journey to getting sober was, but now I'm in a really different life and I don't miss it. I'm very lucky in that respect because I know people who have had a longer period of sobriety than me and they still miss it every day and it's a struggle for them," he previously told British newspaper The Telegraph.

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