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Colin Farrell’s chocolate hangover

Colin Farrell only suffers from chocolate hangovers now he is sober.

The Irish heartthrob used to be a hard partier and spent time in rehab to treat his addictions. He's now clean and joked his life is a far cry from the wild times some stars enjoy. Rather than coming around in a daze with a room full of scantily clad women and alcohol bottles, Colin found himself in a more family-friendly situation today.

"I've no hangover. I've a bit of a chocolate hangover because I raided the minibar at about 5am. Bit depressing, I woke up with wrappers all around me," he laughed on BBC Radio 1.

"I'll say I was in for about £20. Some very expensive cashew nuts. A snicker... you know you bite a Snicker, pop in three Pringles, chase it with some coca cola... living the life man!"

Colin is in the UK promoting his latest release Saving Mr. Banks, which is about the making of the Disney movie adaptation of Mary Poppins.

The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, which is where the 37-year-old star now lives with his family. The film is emotional, with the actor admitting it made him think about his life.

"At its core it's a sad story about love and loss and self-forgiveness. It's not bleak and it's not preachy. People are coming out with some sense of catharsis, there's a sense of sweetness which doesn't leave you," he explained.

"We shot it in Los Angeles so it was the first time I worked from home. So it's the kind of film where you go home and might look at your kids a little different... only for a minute until you take them for granted again."

Colin was quizzed on how much he likes giving interviews and admitted some are better than others. One thing he's got used to is being embarrassed by his past, whether it's clips of his first attempts at acting, images of him flashing his muscles or something even worse.

"I've been consistently mortified by various photographic images of days gone by... me in cowboy boots and Stetsons when I used to teach line dancing back in Ireland when I was 18," he giggled.

One of his favourite TV appearances is Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. He has even smooched the star, who is famed for playing jokes on people. Colin claims she has the "scent of kindness and good humour", although being on her show confused his kids.

The star has two sons and four-year-old Henry couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"My youngest saw me on Ellen DeGeneres and I got a text from his mum and she said, 'He just saw you on Ellen DeGeneres and freaked out and ran towards the telly and tried to climb into it.'"

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