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Colin Firth in awe of conservationist

Colin Firth was star-struck when he met an elephant conservationist recently.

The Oscar-winning actor became acquainted with Dame Daphne Sheldrick at CBS yesterday. Colin gushed about his admiration for Daphne - who has spent more than 50 years rescuing African elephants.

According to the New York Post, Colin revealed that he was "a huge fan" of the charity worker. He also told her that he'd visited her elephant orphanage in Nairobi with his family while in the country.

Daphne reportedly returned the compliment by exclaiming: "I loved you in The King's Speech!"

She is currently promoting her memoir Love, Life and Elephants, and is scheduled to speak at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Colin has been keeping a low profile of late, but reportedly gave a hilarious speech at Carey Mulligan's wedding last month. The actress apparently decided he would be the perfect choice to speak at her reception - in a nod to his critically acclaimed movie, The King's Speech.

"She thought it would be funny to have the actor address the room," a source said at the time. "Unlike his character in The King's Speech, Colin was a pro at the speech. He was his charming self and had the room in fits."

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