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Colin Firth: It's time to flash my legs

Colin Firth decided to star in Gambit because it was "time to drop [his] trousers".

The British star has carved out a successful career in Hollywood, appearing in movies such as The King's Speech and A Single Man. Colin wanted to take a break from dramas and work on a less serious film, so landed a role in Gambit alongside Cameron Diaz.

The crime comedy sees him play an art curator who takes revenge on his boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet painting - with the help of Cameron's Texas rodeo queen character.

"It has been a bit low on the fun over the last few years. Yes, it was time to drop my trousers," he told UK TV show Daybreak when asked what attracted him to the movie.

Due to the film's small budget Colin had to film the scene where he is half-dressed in front of people at exclusive hotel The Savoy in London. The Oscar-winning star admits it led to some uncomfortable encounters with hotel guests.

"They didn't close the hotel lobby, there was no reason to and they can't anyway. So I had to film this scene with the general public walking through," Colin recalled. "I was waiting by the lift to make an entrance on to the set and there were people coming down and the lift doors opening and they didn't know there was filming going on and they looked rather shocked [when they saw me without any trousers]."

Cameron got a kick out of watching the scene. She was amused by her co-star's skinny legs and was eager to ensure audiences were also entertained.

"If you had seen them in person then even more so," Cameron replied when asked if Colin's legs are a comical sight. "But on camera I thought they were pretty funny.

"Remember we went through a whole process where we were like, 'Do we want to put the suspender socks on?' We had all these different ways to make them more funny, but then we realised there was no reason to. We didn't have to, they were just funny."

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