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Collette’s gig was gripping

Toni Collette is so happy with her latest acting gig that she wishes she was an audience member.

The actress was so eager to find out what happens on fresh drama Hostages that she had a hard time relaxing when not learning lines.

She plays Dr. Ellen Sanders and is instructed by kidnappers to kill the president during a surgical procedure or else her family will be murdered.

“It was an absolute page-turner when I was reading it,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve never been involved in a story with this genre before”

Toni wouldn’t mind being involved in the project however, just so she could view the episodes with an unknowing mind.

“It’s the type of thing I like to watch just as an audience member,” she added.

The 15-episode series goes further than the average hostage situation and sees the relatives try to outwit their captors in a number of situations.

Toni was impressed that the show features the cast members even doing day-to-day things outside of the house.

“It’s not about a family tied up on their couch,” she explained. “They continue to be monitored, but the captors are smart and they know that the family has to get back out into the world and continue to look normal.”

Toni recently shared how she dodges playing typical roles for females her age.

“I’ve tried to avoid playing traditional mothers in the sense that there’s no depth to the character and you’re simply playing someone who cooks and shops for her kids,” she told Cover Media. “That’s a movie stereotype which really misrepresents the role of women in a family structure.

“Women are immensely important as caretakers and nurturers and are now a very important part of the workforce and are still taking care of the house.”

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