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Thursday 25 December 2014

Comic challenge cropper for Miranda

Miranda Hart started her Comic Relief challenge with an ankle injury
Miranda Hart started her Comic Relief challenge with an ankle injury

Miranda Hart has thrown Red Nose Day plans into chaos after suffering an ankle injury - by stumbling in her high heels.

The comedy actress had to be taken to Newcastle's RVI Hospital following her accident which happened as she arrived at her hotel in the city last night.

She had been due to take part in a series of challenges every day this week in different cities for Miranda's Mad March.

But the accident - which left her having to be pushed into hospital in a wheelchair - has already taken its toll. She has spent the first morning of her challenge being assessed by an orthopaedic specialist instead of practising for her bid to set a Guinness World Record to wax the greatest number of armpits in three minutes live on BBC One's The One Show tonight.

Miranda said: "I should have known better, I was wearing a heel at the time, which is ridiculous as I'm 6ft 1in.

"To be honest, it was only an inch and a half heel but that was enough to do it, I normally only wear ballet pumps! I was in my hotel room and it just went. So much for my Mad March - this is now definitely going to be Miranda's Mad Hop."

She had to be given gas and air at hospital while medics manipulated her leg. But she is determined to carry on through the pain and is helped by the fact she can do the first challenge while seated.

Call The Midwife star Miranda was told about her first challenge live on Radio 2 this morning by breakfast show host Chris Evans.

She said: "I'm a shaver not a waxer so this is completely new territory for me. Goodness knows where the wax is going to end up tonight - all I can say is, good luck Newcastle."

After tonight's challenge, she will be taken to Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford, before finishing in London on Friday, which is Red Nose Day.

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