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Conor: Chitchat bores me

Conor Maynard gets bored easily so often finds himself cutting in on conversations.

The British singer knows he has some bad habits and does his best to quell them. No matter how hard he tries, he can't cope with people who have nothing interesting to say.

"My worst habit is... I'm pretty bad at interrupting people and cutting them off when they're talking. I lose interest very quickly with a lot of things," he told British magazine Heat.

The 20-year-old also gets irritated by those who don't pay attention when they are out and about.

"I don't like people who walk across the road slowly - I've just bought a car and I've got somewhere to be," he insisted.

Strange past times Conor indulges in include eating cereal at all hours of the day and night and sleeping in when he should be travelling.

The star shot to fame last year and is still getting used to being recognised when he is out and about. He enjoys meeting his fans, although he was surprised by one text he received.

"[It] was from someone saying their friend said they'd met me last night - and it was a picture of them with some random kid they thought was me," he laughed.

"People often say I'm smaller in person, but in reality I'm actually not that small. I'm 5ft. nine-and-a-half. They must expect me to be about 7ft.!"

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