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Conrad Murray 'expects summer jail release'

Conrad Murray is apparently certain he will be allowed out of prison later this summer, after serving less than half his sentence.

The shamed physician was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson in November 2011 and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Michael died in 2009 after Conrad administered anaesthetic Propofol to help the singer sleep.

The doctor apparently believes he will be out before long and it has previously been claimed that due to overcrowding in Los Angeles prisons he is likely to serve less than half his sentence.

"[He has been] boasting to his girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, that he will be out of jail by the end of summer. He is counting down the days until he is released," an insider told RadarOnline.

Conrad apparently believes he has already served a fair amount of his term. He has alleged that Sheriff Lee Baca has only kept him inside because he fears negative publicity if he was moved to house arrest.

Conrad has had a difficult time in prison, including being taken to hospital after fearing he had developed blood clots in his legs. His lawyer claimed he was being treated as a “like a piece of veal” and was only allowed two hours of exercise a week.

However, in other ways the physician has received better treatment. He apparently has a phone to make outgoing calls from his cell.

“Dr. Murray was given a phone because of the resources it would take to take him out of his cell to take him to the pay phone were just tapping the already very limited jail resources,” said the source.

“He is on his phone 24/7, typically calling his baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, along with his attorney. The phone can’t receive any incoming phone calls but Murray can place collect calls to anyone he wants.”

Following his death, Michael's children have been cared for by his mother Katherine Jackson. She is in the process of suing concert promoter AEG Live, claiming the King of Pop was pushed into preparing for his This is It shows - which he was rehearsing for when he died.

The suit also accused AEG Live of negligently hiring Conrad.

Katherine is seeking an estimated $40 billion in damages on behalf of Michael's children Prince, Paris and Blanket. The stress of the case is rumoured to be one of the reasons behind 15-year-old Paris' suicide attempt earlier this month.

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