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Cooper: Raunchy scenes are brave

Dominic Cooper says intimate scenes take a lot of bravery and trust in your co-star.

The Mamma Mia! actor stars in British TV show Fleming, which takes a look at the life of Ian Fleming, the man behind the James Bond novels.

As the author enjoyed many flings with women, it meant Dominic and his gorgeous co-star Lara Pulver had to get close on set.

“When sex scenes help the development of the story or the character, you have to throw yourself into them," he explained to British newspaper The Sun's TV Biz.

“You have to be brave and very trusting of who you’re doing them with — and you have to really go for it.”

Lara takes on the part of Ann O'Neill, a married woman Ian enjoyed an affair with but found it hard to commit to.

Their relationship was one of turbulent passion, meaning the intimate scenes in Fleming aren't always the most tender.

But 35-year-old Dominic thinks it was important for the storyline that they really reflected these conflicting emotions.

“If it was too much and didn’t feel right or if it was too aggressive or without any emotional content, we’d just change it," he revealed.

“You have to give a good performance or it will look painful and not real.

“It was lust, it was the aggression of their lives, it was their anger and resentment towards one another... it was feeling through their sexuality.

“It was rather exciting to do. More exciting than, ‘They’re so in love, just do a sex scene.’”

Daniel Craig is currently the man playing 007 in the James Bond movie franchise.

Dominic isn't sure he'd be able to play the secret agent on the big screen.

"That's always flattering but it's such a big role. It's one of those decisions you can't really say no to, but at the same time you still have to mull it over. There are so many aspects to it; it's a character you watched as a child, all wide-eyed and amazed," he previously mused.

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