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Corey Stoll: Jane Fonda made me nervous!

Corey Stoll was "intimidated" by Jane Fonda when they first met on the set of This Is Where I Leave You.

The 38-year-old actor plays the iconic actress' onscreen son in comedy movie This Is Where I Leave You. When he first came face to face with Jane on set, Corey admits he didn't know how to act, and he was mortified to realise every conversation they had led back to him.

"I had never met her. I was nervous. I was intimidated. Everyone before had told me, 'Oh, she’s really nice,' but she’s a legend. Just from the very first second that I met her, she really extended herself and was constantly curious," he told

"After the first couple of weeks, I was embarrassed when I realised that, up to that point, every conversation had been about me. Because that’s what she does. That’s the key to her incredible success and longevity and diversity of her career. She’s so outwardly directed. She’s so constantly curious. She just asks questions wherever she goes."

Also starring in the film is Jason Bateman, who takes on the role of Corey's character Paul's brother Judd. The House of Cards star was blown away by his co-star's presence and learnt a lot from watching his performance.

"He’s so smart. He’s so alive in his thought process and so generous with sharing it with audiences. That’s an incredible gift. I don’t know if I can necessarily do what he does, but as opposed to somebody who prepares a bit in order to get a laugh, he is constantly listening," Corey gushed.

The handsome star is known for his hair-free head and chiselled features. His looks go down well with the ladies and he is pleased females find him attractive.

"I’ve been bald for so long that I don’t have anything to compare it to," he smiled when asked if there is a certain type of woman attracted to bald men. "I love transformation: I love being able to have my hair as it naturally is; I love being able to completely change that look. It’s incredible how much it does change the way you’re perceived. It changes the way I walk and talk."

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