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Sunday 20 April 2014

Corrie musical put O'Grady off show

Paul O'Grady narrated the Coronation Street musical

Paul O'Grady has admitted that the Coronation Street musical, which he narrated, was so bad that it put him off the soap.

The official musical, featuring Kym Marsh and Corrie veterans Julie Goodyear and Kevin Kennedy, was performed just twice in 2012 before it was shelved.

Asked whether he was a fan of the ITV soap, comic Paul told the Radio Times: "I was, and then they did an awful musical and that put me off for the year.

"I couldn't even listen to the theme tune, but about six months ago I started getting back into it."

Paul recently played a cancer patient in Holby City.

He said: "I turn down a lot of scripts. If they're looking for a nightclub owner, or someone peddling hookers, I'll get the script. Some of them are offensive. But with Holby I jumped at the chance because it was so different."

He said of his TV viewing: "I'm not keen on these Man with the Ten-Stone Testicles programmes - they've become a Victorian freak show. I'd also whittle down the cookery because everyone on TV has a whisk in their hand."

Paul said Lady Gaga, who has twice been a guest on The Paul O'Grady Show, is his friend but added: "If there's somebody I'm not mad on, I go in with my arms folded saying I can't bear them and I don't shut up until they relent."

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