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Cory Monteith 'attended AA meetings before death'

Cory Monteith's pal says the star was keen to attend AA meetings with his friends just days before his shock death in Vancouver.

The Glee star was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday after he failed to check-out at the scheduled time.

Cory had always been open about his struggles with addiction, and entered rehab in April after a relapse. An autopsy has been carried out but no cause of death has yet been established.

A source has now revealed that Cory was battling his addictions in the days running up to his shocking passing.

“Cory went to AA meetings when he got to Vancouver with some friends of his and mine,” a friend of Cory’s explained to Radar Online. “They have attended AA meetings in the past together.”

The pal added that Cory felt safe in Vancouver when he visited. He explained the 31-year-old star felt at home in the Canadian city, and was always positive and relaxed.

“Vancouver is a great place to keep grounded when you are in the spotlight and trying to be sober. Being grounded is the key to sobriety and that’s what Vancouver can offer Cory. It is casual and he calls it home and he has friends here who have known him for a long time," he said. “Cory also works helping kids stay out of these drug problems that are so apparent in the Downtown Eastside. That is such a tragedy … These kids have been robbed of someone they can look up to.

“Some friends Cory had in the past were definitely trouble, but no one socialises with them anymore. Everyone [in his circle in Vancouver] is pretty settled down, representing charities to help kids and doing their part to give back to kids and the area.”

Cory was seen spending his last night alive at the Portside bar with friends, with some reports suggesting he was drinking throughout the night.

The source was there and says the claims are totally untrue.

“It is so tragic that he is being portrayed as drinking heavily, as it wasn’t apparent he was intoxicated at all," he added.

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