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Courteney Cox: I get snap happy

Courteney Cox loves her fiancé Johnny McDaid's "beautiful accent", but is aware she and her family will never be able to pull it off.

The 50-year-old actress made a name for herself playing OCD Monica Geller-Bing in hit TV series Friends, which ran for a decade until its end in 2004.

In real life Courteney also likes to make sure things are done right, which is why she often takes photos when she believes something appears to be inappropriate.

"OK, that was outside of this hotel in Monterey and, you know, we have a drought in California and it's really important and I was thinking, do you think that's a good way to let people know?" she explained to Jimmy Kimmel when presented with a picture of a sign reading 'Every Drop Counts', with a large drop of water taking the spot of the O. "And I had to ask myself, what is that really saying? Really? It looks to me like 'Every Drop...' Seems odd.

"I was driving down the street and I see these weird things - the girl who's advertising for the school with the paper towel holder in her ear and I was like, it doesn't look like a paper towel holder... I do [have a dirty imagination]. Well, I mean, I'm just aware of everything I think."

She also shared what annoys her in life, slamming her mobile phone's "annoying" autocorrect for often selecting the wrong word when she writes a text.

Conversation then moved onto her love life. The star is engaged to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, who comes from Northern Ireland. Courteney is a huge fan of his accent, so much so that she took a video of her family trying to nail it.

"It's a great place, nice people there. But you know, I'm from Alabama and we're real Southerners, and he's got this beautiful accent. So we were celebrating our engagement a year ago and in Northern Ireland you say the word 'now', not like N O W, but it's like N A U W, like 'nauw'. It's hard to do and I cannot get it so we were sitting at this table and I was trying to get my family, who are Southerners, to say, 'How now brown cow' [in the accent]," she laughed before Jimmy shared the clip.

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