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Cowell's dogs 'have therapist'

Simon Cowell’s dogs apparently visit a pet therapist to make sure they are happy.

The music mogul recently welcomed two pooches into his home, Squiddly and Diddly, both of which are Yorkshire Terriers. Simon has gone all out to ensure his pets are as comfortable as possible, lavishing money and attention on the dogs.

“Simon takes the pups to a spa once a fortnight for doggy pedicures and massages and they even have a therapist who promises ‘zen dog happiness’,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

It was recently reported that the X Factor creator has hired a pet nutritionist to feed the dogs a mixture of organic lamb, pumpkin, fish and sweet potato. Whenever the pets get tired, they can rest on their 22-carat gold-thread pet mattresses.

“Simon is a massive animal lover and these puppies have become his pride and joy. It was Lauren’s idea to get them so that he could practise before the baby arrives. They are spoilt rotten! They sleep in a special king-sized bed on the very best cotton, eat and drink out of find china bowls and follow a special organic diet,” the insider added. “They drink bottled water and he treats them with a T-bone steak once a week.”

The 54-year-old TV star is preparing for the birth of his first child, a boy, with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman. Simon recently revealed he believes the dogs will help him adjust to fatherhood when the baby arrives in February.

“I think dogs are a good training for babies. This is a bit of a road test for the real thing. They bring so much happiness into your life,” he said.

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