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Cowell’s ex discusses abortion

Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend has slammed many of the “lies” which have been reported about their relationship.

The music mogul is still close friends with Sinitta, who he had an on/off relationship with for 20 years beginning in the ‘80s.

Recently there has been speculation that the singer terminated a pregnancy while she was with Simon, which she has now confirmed. However, the 49-year-old star insists it happened many years ago and has slammed the rumours which are swirling.

“People are saying I aborted Simon’s baby in 2009 and that he only found out the other day. That’s all lies - I’d never do that to him. It was in the 1980s, not 2009, as by then I was already aware that I couldn’t carry a child full term,” she told British newspaper The Sun.

“It was a long time ago when we were both young. Simon was very concerned and by my side.

“It was upsetting and it was something very difficult that we dealt with together. It’s such a heart-breaking thing to go through. It was devastating for both of us.”

Sinitta is particularly upset with suggestions she hid the abortion from Simon, which she calls “vile”.

The X Factor US judge is now expecting his first child with his new girlfriend Lauren Silverman, the ex-wife of one of his friends. Having always said he didn’t want children the news came as a huge surprise, with Sinitta admitting it took her a while to digest.

Simon told her before the story hit the headlines and at first she thought it was a “problem”. When she realised he was happy about the situation the star struggled with her feelings as she felt deceived by Lauren – who is her good pal and hadn’t mentioned the romance to her.

“We are very, very good friends. When you’ve been close friends with someone and you’re calling each other sisters and family and confided all of your secrets and feelings over the years to them...,” she explained. “Lauren was that person to me. It was sad to discover that I wasn’t that person to her. I’ve known her for four or five years. But it’s OK, we have dealt with it.”

The trio are now friends again and Sinitta has been amazed by the change in Simon. He has started indulging in hobbies with Lauren that never interested him before – such as going on long walks – and he also gets up before midday “which he never used to”.

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