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Craig Phillips: Big Brother’s lost its edge

Big Brother Series One winner Craig Phillips was extremely lonely after leaving the house.

The builder won the first series of the show back in 2000, receiving the £70,000 prize. The show has now moved from Channel Four to Channel Five but Craig thinks the format is past its best.

“I still watch Big Brother sometimes but it’s lost its edge. They’ve brought in weirder and wackier people desperate for fame, which is an insult to the public,” he told British newspaper The Mirror.

As the first ever winner, Craig didn’t know what to expect from his appearance and subsequent win. After the initial elation of being the last man standing, Craig struggled to adjust to his new life.

“When I won, it was terrifying” he confessed. “I was whisked off and told, ‘The show has succeeded all expectations, it’s broken records, it’s been in every newspaper.' I went on tour to do personal appearances and was away from home for 97 days. I’d never been so lonely in my life.”

Many believe Craig won after he famously confronted Nasty Nick about him trying to influence voting through writing names on a bit of paper.

But despite their showdown, the pair have become firm pals.

“The big story was me falling out with Nasty Nick but we became great friends. We’d walk into a pub and people would cheer me and abuse him,” he laughed.

The newspaper caught up with other stars of the first series to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary on July 18.

Third place finisher Darren Ramsay also spoke to the outlet about how much his life has changed since the show.

“If I did it again now, the Darren you would see would be gay. I hadn’t had any gay relationships then but in my mind I was wondering at what point I was going to embrace being gay,” he said. “I had a very beautiful, warm reception from friends and family when I told them in 2004.”

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