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Crowe: Noah broke children's hearts

Russell Crowe is "getting better" in his son's eyes after working with Emma Watson.

The 49-year-old actor stars as the lead character in the biblical tale, which also features Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winston and Emma Watson.

Russell has sons Charles, ten, and seven-year-old Tennyson with Danielle Spencer and the boys were ecstatic to hear their dad was starring alongside Harry Potter actress Emma.

"At one point in time they were supposed to come to the set with me, but then their plans got changed and so they didn't come to set and they were just heartbroken," he told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show. "I'm getting better in their eyes now that I've worked with somebody like Hermione."

Unfortunately, Russell's children aren't as enamoured with all his big screen outings. He attempted to show them Gladiator, for which he won the best actor Oscar, but Tennyson claimed it was "the most depressing film ever made".

"And then he just starts crying and screams that I should turn it off," the star laughed.

Russell and the other stars have been attending premieres for the movie over the last few days. He and Emma were at the London, UK, event last night, with the actor explaining how pleased he is with the positive reviews the film has received.

"This one in particular, particularly with 12 - 14 months of mounting criticism... For daring to actually make a Biblical story, it was all getting a little bit too much," he explained. "It's nice that people are seeing it now and how respectful the film is and feeling how intense the experience is."

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