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Sunday 31 August 2014

Cryer: Fans loyal despite Sheen axe

Jon Cryer stars in Two And A Half Men

Jon Cryer has admitted he was worried about how Charlie Sheen's dramatic exit would impact on hit US TV show Two And A Half Men.

The actor has played uptight dad Alan Harper in the popular comedy series since it began in 2003. The show was rocked in 2010, when Sheen was fired after a fall out with the show's creator Chuck Lorre and the eighth season of the show was suspended.

When it returned to the small screen, Sheen's character Charlie Harper had been killed off and the actor was replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Asked about Charlie's sudden departure, Jon said: "I was certainly concerned about how the fans would take it. We've had an incredibly loyal fanbase all these years, who have been through all kinds of craziness. God bless them - more craziness than any TV show fans should ever be put through, but they've stuck around.

"So, we wanted to honour them, and we wanted to give them something that was new enough that it wasn't trying to be an imitation of the old show, but something that still gave them what they liked about the old show. It's been very tricky, much trickier for the writers than the performers, but the show has retained its fanbase."

The show hit the headlines again in 2012, when Angus T Jones, who plays Jon's son Jake, said it was "filth" in an interview with a Christian website, and begged fans not to watch it. He later made a public apology for his comments.

Jon said he didn't think all the publicity had damaged the show in any way.

"No, it's kind of always been part and parcel of the show," he said. "When we first started 10 years ago, this was the newly sober Charlie Sheen having his sitcom comeback, which got a lot of coverage, and then the less sober Charlie Sheen also got a lot of coverage.

"We tried to count them one day, and I believe we've been through a total of six internet storms - it depends on how you divide them up - and there will probably be more in the future. That's the nature of the beast today, and on some level it's the fact that the show has been so successful that has kept it in the public eye."

:: Season 10 of Two And A Half Men is on Comedy Central, Mondays at 9pm.

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