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Cumberbatch eyeing romantic role

Benedict Cumberbatch has his eye on playing a hunk in a romantic comedy.

The British star has captured the hearts of many female fans in TV show Sherlock and films such as August: Osage County and Star Trek Into Darkness.

He's yet to take on the part of a handsome hunk in a rom-com, but it's something the 37-year-old would be happy to do.

"Absolutely!" he assured

"I would love to see myself as a leading man in that kind of a role, especially in a romantic comedy. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the right script!"

Benedict remains down to earth and at the Oscars earlier this month he was spotted cheekily photo bombing U2 as they posed on the red carpet.

He doesn't think that making it big in Hollywood is an instant recipe for losing sight of who he is.

"Oh my god, they've created a monster!" he joked.

"Haha, no, Hollywood doesn't create monsters, they're already inside of us, before we're offered money, eternal youth and all other kinds of magic. Hollywood is just the centre of the film industry, where people go to plan movies. And sometimes they also get made."

He added that those heading to Hollywood won't automatically turn into "a*sholes".

Most of the famous people Benedict has worked with have a very "normal" life and hang out with people who aren't in the limelight.

"It's something you wouldn't necessarily know because you always see these stars together at events and it makes you think famous people only spend time with other celebrities. If that was the case, it could easily lead to some form of hysteria," he said.

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