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Cumberbatch worries about needless worrying

Benedict Cumberbatch often found himself in floods of tears while filming The Imitation Game.

While the British star may be a major Hollywood player and known as a celebrity, he prefers not to reveal too much about his private life.

Alongside his numerous TV and film roles, Benedict works extensively with numerous charities, including The Prince's Trust and Stop the War, which has led him to question the trivial matters people often fret about.

“I get worried about the state of the world and upset about what people deem important,” he sighed to British magazine The Big Issue.

“I try to be optimistic. I love losing myself in nature, I’m never happier than when I’m staring at the sea. The absorption into a moment, lost in meditative focus, looking at that point where the horizon meets the sea. I love being off the grid and just having the primal experiences that we’re all entitled to as humans on this Earth – whether it’s love of someone dear to us, children, nature… I know it sounds very soppy but it’s hugely important to nourish what it is in us that’s human.”

After becoming a household name worldwide playing Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC series, Benedict, 38, has had his pick of movie projects.

His latest role is in The Imitation Game, where he plays real-life World War II code breaker Alan Turing. After his war success, Alan was treated poorly because of his sexual orientation, which eventually led to him taking his own life - something Benedict feels incensed about.

“It’s more embarrassing when you’re actually in [the movie] and you have to pull back from being in floods of tears because it looks like you’re crying at your own performance and it’s not that at all. It happened when we were filming, shooting those closing scenes with Keira [Knightley], and I started breaking down," Benedict shared.

"I couldn’t stop crying, just thinking, my God, he went through this. And to get near that understanding – because I’d played him for a while by then… God, it was just really upsetting. And I couldn’t quite get myself back, which isn’t good for acting.”

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