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Cumberbatch's fame lessons

Benedict Cumberbatch hasn't thought about if his new movie will win him an Oscar.

The British actor became a worldwide star thanks to his portrayal of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes in the series made for the BBC.

He's now a regular in Hollywood, and has six new films currently in production. While he's at ease at red carpet events and awards ceremonies, Benedict still hasn't fully come to terms with his A-list credentials.

"Well, the fact that I am still thinking about it means I haven't adjusted. It's a constant process of negotiation and understanding. It's very odd but fun and I think I am all right with it, but it's a learning curve. It's a constant thing," he explained to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

Benedict, 38, is gearing up for new flick The Imitation Game to hit cinemas later this year. He plays World War II code cracker Alan Turing in the true life thriller, which co-stars Keira Knightley and Mark Strong.

The film has already started to receive Oscar buzz, but Benedict is adamant that an Academy Award is not what drove him to the picture.

"It would be amazing, but to be honest, it's so premature that it would almost be futile to talk about it. I understand why it always happens at festivals, but I just got my suit back from the dry cleaners from this year's Oscars... There's lots of films to see before we start going: 'Oooh, blah blah.'

"The most important thing is that any kind of buzz creates an interest in the film, which means people will see it hopefully and that means the Alan Turing story will get to a broader audience. And that, as a storyteller, is all I am concerned about. And if I have done a good job as him as well, that's great," he smiled.

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