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Cusack ‘stalker calls on angels’

John Cusack’s alleged stalker reportedly believes angels have instructed her to pursue him.

The 47-year-old actor gained a temporary restraining order against Elizabeth Pahlke on August 30 and on Tuesday she was arrested at his home for violating the mandate.

TMZ obtained documents which detailed John’s case as a victim, and he states Elizabeth "claims that the angels told her that we were together in a previous life, and that she needs to be with me now in order for me to remember how special she was to me."

Pahlke was told to keep at least 100 yards distance from him and his security team following an incident where she left a letter at his pad last Thursday and waited for his arrival.

However after making a run for his home and purportedly trying to climb through a window and over his fence, she was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold, which means she was deemed to have a mental disorder that makes her a danger to herself or others.

John was said to not be home at the time but events were captured on CCTV.

Reports claim the 45-year-old woman has been placed on $150,000 bail after bombarding him with emails, letters, tweets and voice mails.

She was taken into custody for felony stalking and burglary and TMZ writes the “L.A. County Sheriff's Department was at the house today dusting for fingerprints”.

Pahlke’s stalking behaviour allegedly began around three years ago.

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