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Cyndi Lauper: 'No qualifications make me qualified'

Cyndi Lauper avoids becoming attached to possessions, as they can easily be lost or broken.

Cyndi Lauper doesn't feel too nervous about doing new things, as she has no qualifications anyway.

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun singer is still in the spotlight since rising to fame in the '80s with her catchy pop tracks and quirky style. She may be a successful musician, but Cyndi isn't formally trained in any area of her life, which she feels makes her more open to experimenting.

"I believe I have no qualifications, and that's what makes me most qualified," the 62-year-old told Mojo magazine. "There's less nervousness when you just go about doing something new. It makes it easier for me to learn. I'm not one of those people that learn well in a formal setting, but put me in the middle of something and I am pretty good on my feet."

When Cyndi isn't busy working on her music, like her upcoming country album Detour, the pink-haired star keeps herself busy with fashion, photography, movies and art. She's just as happy relaxing at home as she is in the studio, admitting her biggest vice is "vegging out" to late night TV.

During her 'Self Portrait' chat with Mojo, Cyndi was asked to describe herself, to which she replied: "I am hard-working, passionate, compassionate, can be self-centred, try not to be self-centred, and a live-life-to-the-fullest kind of person."

She isn't easily embarrassed either, which she thinks could be down to becoming "way too" comfortable with herself.

In keeping with her compassionate nature, the pop sensation dedicates a lot of her time on her family - husband David Thornton and their son Declyn.

"I try not to become too attached to possessions, because they can get lost and broken," she said when quizzed on her favourite personal item. "People I love are much more important than possessions."

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