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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Da Vinci director donned wellies

Laura Haddock stars in new TV show Da Vinci's Demons

Laura Haddock has revealed Da Vinci's Demons director David S Goyer was so shocked by the British weather he lived in Wellington boots for the six months of filming.

The star of The Inbetweeners Movie plays Lucrezia Donati in the new fantasy drama based on the life the great artist genius Leonardo Da Vinci, played by Monroe star Tom Riley. The new Fox show was created and directed by David - writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy - and was filmed in Wales, where they recreated 15th-century Florence.

Laura laughed: "David, coming from LA, was so shocked that on the second day he went out and bought some Wellington boots and then never took them off. Even when the sun did come out he was like 'No, I'm not being caught out!'."

Tom, who plays genius inventor Leonardo Da Vinci admitted it did rain a lot, but it was still a great place to film.

He said: "Swansea's like a strange little greenhouse. You'd literally hit the bridge coming into Swansea and it would start to rain. And we had constant rain for six months.

"But the great thing about Wales is you've got 400 castles and the Welsh government were very generous letting us film inside them. And the landscape is very green, because of how wet it is, and so it's very lush. It's beautiful."

Laura felt filming in the ancient Welsh castles helped add to the historical and magical atmosphere of the drama, which sees Leonardo trying to conquer personal demons, and keep out of trouble amidst the feuding families of 15th-century Italy.

The actress said: "And filming in those real castles, you can't fake that feeling. There's a temperature inside those castles... and the size - you feel these huge great big walls of stone around you and you can feel the world that would have been happening in those castles and that was really amazing."

The drama, which also stars Lara Pulver and Blake Ritson, sees Leonardo caught up in the feuding families of 15th-century Florence. Da Vinci's Demons stars on Friday April 19, 2013 at 10pm on Fox.

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