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Dakota Fanning: I bond with everyone

Dakota Fanning is able to form a connection with anyone because she's spent so much time with adults.

The actress has moved away from her child star image with her latest role in The Last of Robin Hood, in which she plays real-life Hollywood icon Beverly Aadland, who embarked on a two-year fling with older actor Errol Flynn in 1957. Dakota, 20, acted opposite 66-year-old Kevin Kline, but didn't feel intimated when she had to seduce an older man on screen.

"I guess it’s maybe because I have been around so many adults from such a young age, I don’t even think about that. I’m just comfortable with people of every age. I don’t think of people as kids and adults because I’ve always felt like I was this weird in-between of being very fun and young and light hearted, but also having this serious, mature side," she explained to Refinery29.

"I’ve always had that balance within myself, so I feel like I can have a relationship with anyone. I can find some common ground with anyone. And, that must have something to do with being around a lot of adults from a young age. So, I didn’t even notice it."

Dakota has been in the limelight since she was just seven, when she had her big breakthrough in I Am Sam. Because of this her life has been heavily documented by the press - an experience which the blonde beauty still can't get her head around.

"I mean, watching a film that I did when I was seven is like watching a home video that millions of people saw. I definitely have this weird abnormal sort of capturing system of my life," she added. "I think I have been in the public for a long [enough] time that I don’t look back and I’m not too hard on myself - 'cause I can’t be. Also, we grew up in a time where, like the early [noughties], fashion [was] just not great to anybody."

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