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Dakota Fanning: I'm a daddy's girl

Dakota Fanning and her sister are only "daddy's girls" when they're at home.

The 18-year-old and younger sister Elle, 14, both enjoy exciting acting careers which have included roles in high-profile Hollywood movies.

Twilight star Dakota says when she and Elle take time off from filming they enjoy quality time with their father.

"We're daddy's girls when we're at home," she told British magazine InStyle.

"But when we're working, we're mommy's girls. When we're away, my dad doesn't go on sets. He's just not interested. He's like, 'I have daughters, they wanna be with their mom.'"

Dakota began her acting career at the age of just five, landing a guest role on hospital show ER.

This year she celebrated her 18th birthday, which meant finally living alone in her New York apartment.

"My mom was kind of like, 'See ya!' and left with my sister for a film in London. I was like, 'Wait! Are you actually leaving?'" she laughed.

"It was cool, because when I turned 18, I was kind of like starting a new life in a weird way. I just like the privacy of living by myself. I mean, my family's really, really close-knit, but it's good, I think, to have my own space."

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